Back to normality

Now that I’ve finished the pile of things that I needed to do by Friday, I’m back to being busy, as opposed to really busy.

To recap, there is one week left until spring break, but for some reason, the crunch week was this week. I had the normal homework, in Physics, Calc and Engineering, and a Java program for CS, and the usual English reading. I also had to read the first 200 pages or so of “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning”, and take an turn in notes on the reading. Also due in English was a one page paper about two poems. None of this had been done by Sunday.

I surprised myself, and was able to pull it off, and finish it all. I may not have gotten all the calc homework done, but the rest of the work was actually of good quality, and I even had time to do all the extra-credit Physics problems that there were. Which is good, because I tend to lose points in the homework category.

Today, I’ve been catching up on all the non-critical things I’d ignored the past few days, like laundry. I should have done it Monday evening, or Tuesday. But I didn’t have time, and so today it became critical–I’m wearing my last pair of underwear, and no socks at all. Later last night, I was cleaning up the room, although I still have a dish or two to wash. I plan on doing some of my calc later today, so I can keep from getting in the same boat again next week.

I did accomplish some really non-critical things, though, like clean the dust out of the fan, and I did a bit of a website update Sunday, before I realized the extent of my crush. I think I’m only an associate member of Structured Procrastinators Int’l.


Speaking of the website, I’ve been moving things around a bit. I slightly modified the navbar script so it could do another thing, which was necessary to get the galleries looking the way I wanted. I also have applying what I learn about Java to JavaScript, and have streamlined the code a little bit–it’s now a bit smaller, although 15k is still big for a script. It should run slightly faster, though.

I took down the JavaScripts section of the site, all that was there was a page with a bunch of scripts on it. It was nice for my senior project demonstration, but not really useful after that. I put the Great Expectations part back up, but as part of the high school section. It’s really just a listing of figures of speech, some from the book, and some from elsewhere online. But I feel like keeping it up, so I updated the code to match my new page, and it’s back.

When I organized the galleries, I also posted a few pictures of the whirligig that I made for my Uncle and Aunt at Christmas. It’s on this page.


Nik has had another problem with debit cards. Earlier, a store clerk confiscated the one from his Kansas City bank due to a goof in the Visa computers. Thursday, he got a letter from his bank here saying that he had a negative balance, due to his cash ATM withdrawal of $354 and change. He didn’t have that much in the account, and so he was charged a overdraft fee. The only thing–he didn’t make an ATM withdrawal.

He contacted his bank, and discovered that the withdrawal happened in Romania, so they believe him that he wasn’t the one that made the withdrawal. He’ll get his money back, but the bank needs to do some sort of investigation. As near as he can figure, it was hackers who got his number from some sort of online transaction.

It just occurred to me, though–he picked up a computer virus last Friday and OCIO, the tech people here, shut his computer off from the network due to excessive traffic. He removed the virus as soon as McAfee found it, but there must have been a window where the virus was free to do it’s stuff. The ATM charge happened on Tuesday… I wonder if there is a connection.


It’s international week here, and the big production happens tonight at 6:15, in the commons. I’m not sure what all it is, but from what I hear, it’s been okay in previous years. Dinner is served from 5-7, so I think I’ll head over that way later this evening. I’ll find out how well it goes.

We’ve been having ethnic foods at dinner this week. Japanese Sushi Monday, but I didn’t make it over in time. Thursday was Chinese, including a lion dance during dinner. It was fairly interesting, but the space wasn’t really cut out for it, and the drums made it nearly impossible to hear anyone talk, even from a few feet and when you were on the other side of the room. They had a Chinese dragon, too.

I’ve been getting a fair number of Google hits to my site. Some are more interesting. I got one yesterday, for “pictures of footie socks”. Interesting what people search for. I’ve also been getting a few hits on my blog post dum dum da dum, dum DUM da dum. Apparently, people try and search for using some combination of DUMs and DAs. They wind up with my interpretation of “Here Comes the Bride”.

And on that note, I’ll leave to start doing other stuff.


[Edit 2/27: Fixed a bunch of typos, left to wonder what I was thinking when I wrote ” there is now week is spring break,”, instead of “there is one week left until spring break”.

3 thoughts on “Back to normality

  1. Glad to hear you made it through Homework Hell Week. Always nice when you get done and actually have time for laundry, eh? Sad though, when you start looking forward to doing laundry (yes, I speak from experience).

    “I did a bit of a website update Sunday, before I realized the extent of my crush. I think I’m only an associate member os Structured procrastinators Int’l.”

    the extent of your crush? hmmm, that sounds intriguing. Details, details, man. and no, you’re not ONLY an associate member of Structured Procrastinators Int’l – you are one of the founding members. I decree it so.

    very cool whirligig thingy. I remember trying to create one of those once, but got frustrated and left it to my mom to finish. lol

  2. Sorry to get your hopes up, Cel, but I meant crush of stuff. Perhaps crunch would have been a better word. And details have been provided.

    The whirligig wasn’t all that hard–a wire down the center, thread beads and canvas on that, then take a cord and thread it up the ends of the canvas pieces, with beads. Actually, the hardest (and most tedious) thing was to cut out the canvas pieces. My mom had done one of the colors, so I only had half to do.

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