Unconcious Mutterings, week 3

Okay, these have been going on for a lot more than 3 weeks, but it’s my third time doing it. I haven’t looked at the list yet, but I’m about to paste it into this post. Here goes:

    1. Plot::kitten


  • Farce::fake



  • Unexpected::freak



  • Siren::ambulance



  • Ben::psychodanceparty



  • Freshman::me



  • Quicksand::stuck



  • 24 hours::quiet



  • Spunky*::brionna



  • Vicious::tiger



*EDIT 12/17 I’ve come to the understanding that spunky carries a meaning that isn’t the one in the dictionary, to some. I have to say that here, I was thinking of the “peppy, lots of spirit” type meaning. Which I just discovered isn’t even quite the dictionary meaning. But now you know I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, even if I did.

Perhaps I should explain a few of those. But I don’t feel like it–if you want to know what was meant by some of these, post a comment. I’ll say that #1 and 5 will be known to Aloofers, and a college student would probably get #8.

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3 thoughts on “Unconcious Mutterings, week 3

  1. I’m rather keen to know what makes you link Kitten to a plot…hmmm, second thought, never mind. I think I know what you mean. I definitely know why ya linked Ben with pdp. A logical connection.

    Anyway, I’m totally ganking this. It’s interesting.


  2. Shall we say…NaNoWriMo?

    For some reason, I felt the need to be cryptic in that post. Not as cryptic as matt’s post, but still bit obscure to those not in the know. It’s kind of fun, but I wonder if I was crptic all the time, would I attract more readers, or drive them away……?

    Oh, who cares–I’m not doing this just for page stats.

  3. Odd, I totally didn’t make the NaNoWriMo-Kitten-plot connection. I was thinking more along the lines of scheming (in the best way possible, of course).

    You know what, it sucks that you can’t see the other comments when you start to type your own comment. Makes me like LJ just a touch more 😀

    Matt’s cryptic post? Ooooohhhhhhh, you must mean the person x, y, z, and zz thing. yeah, well that one is slightly less confusing in the cryptic version. lol


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