Feeling Like a Genius/Idiot

I fixed my website today! For well over a month, I’ve been having problems with my navbar script. It is supposed to highlight the page that you are viewing, and change the text color from white to black. It is also supposed to indent the items, to represent the levels of my site. It used to work fine in IE, but the indenting never worked in FireFox. I modified the script to work properly in FireFox, but in the process, broke the part of the script that made the text color for a top level item turn black. I was looking at my CSS file (which controls most of the formatting across the site) and noticed a stray period. Deleting it solved the problem. So I finally solved a really difficult problem, but it shouldn’t have been nearly as difficult to solve.

(For those who are into web-development, let me recommend the Web Developer extension for FireFox. It allowed me to finally know what class was being applied to the troubled DIV, and then I knew where to look in my CSS file for mistakes. Very useful, it took only two minutes to solve the problem, and I have previously spent a few hours trying to figure it out.)


I’m tempted to go on about my Christmas, but I stayed up until 3 last night reading a book, and still had to get up normal time, and I’ve been reading it at night since Christmas Eve. I’m tired now, and actually intended to go to bed quite a while ago. So you’ll have to make do with the little I’ve posted in the comments to my last post, until I get around to posting again. Not that anyone wants to know so bad that they can’t wait, but I can pretend that I have eager readers, right?…..

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