Sad News

I just found out that my free webhost will be closing down on December 15. I’ve known that they were not making a profit for a while now, and so the news was not a terrible surprise, but it is really dissapointing. With the webhost goes the forum, which I will miss most of all. There are several regualar posters who I have come to be good friends with, and we won’ t be able to hang out anymore.

Now I will have to find another place to host my website, but that doesn’t even bother me as much as the closing of the forum. It’s strange, they were almost like family. I knew their names, where they lived, where they worked, what their interests were, and much more.

For those wanting to keep up with my website, will always link to the home page of my site, wherever I move it to. For those of you who access my site through my Blogger profile, I will update that link to my new site, too. If you have a link bookmarked that has “Aloofhosting” in the URL, that link won’t work after December 15.


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