Going home

As I write this, I am sitting at my desk in my room at home. Fall Break started yesterday, and my parents came in to Portland and picked me up this afternoon. My desk was literally as I’d left it, complete with the feather duster I’d taken from upstairs to use in the pre-departure cleaning and hadn’t bothered to return. But I’d re-arranged it a few days before I’d left, and the normal beadspread is in Portland, so it doesn’t quite feel like home.

I’m having mixed feelings about being back. There’s stuff I want to do while I’m here, and lots of people that will want to ask me about how I’ve been and so on. It’ll probably be the same questions over again, but it’ll be fun to see how things are going back here. I’ll stop by the High school, and see the staff. I e-mailed them once, and got several replies back from them, the most recent being on Thursday. Ill probably have to stay there for a while to talk. The library has been remodeled, too, so that’ll be cool. And I’ll probably stop by my old advo (Home-base type group).

I also need to take care of a bit of business, like getting a haircut. I could have dont this at the University, but I’d have had to find a barber, and then go through the porcess of getting a first haircut from someone. Once I was three weeks from break, before I really needed one, I decided to wait until I got back. I’ll probably do that Monday.

And I have to clean up our home computer. I had all sorts of files on it, and I didn’t get my laptop until after school, so this is the first time I’ll have had access to both of the computers. I’ll move a lot of my files over, and delete the last of the programs that I installed for me, and will never be used by anyone else. I’ve also got to do a bit of general repair–Adobe Acrobat doesn’t work anymore, or so my dad says. The computer has been somewhat slow, too, so we may go ahead and re-install Windows, depending on how much work I feel like doing. It would solve all the other issues, too. I should probably start soon so I can fix all the problems Windows will throw out before I go back to school. On second thought, that means we’d have to download all those patches again, and that would take forever on dial-up. Maybe that’s a project for Christams break, which is longer. Or I could take my laptop to the High school and use their broadband conection….

I’ve been on our dial-up connection for exactly two hours now, so I should probably log off.


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