Graduation, Party, E-mail testing

This post is mainly to test the e-mail capabilities of my Blog, and to get something down about graduation.

This has been a very eventful 36 hours. I got up Saturday morning, and helped get ready for our graduation party at my house. I went to school for the ceremony, and they had decided that a 95% chance of clear weather wasn’t enough, and we had graduation INSIDE The ceremony actually went OK, and Mr. Hurley was the speaker. He has several clips of music that he wove right into his address, which certainly made it more interesting.

After graduation, I went home, and talked with everyone at the party at my house. I was there perhaps an hour and a half before I had to leave to attend the Senior All Night Drug and Alcohol Free Party. (Boarding the bus began at 5:00, graduation wasn’t over until 3:30 or so.) We got goodie bags, and they had disposable cameras, so I took several pictures. If I ever get them scanned, I’ll post the best ones.

We went to Seattle, and went laser tagging, Cosmic Bowling, and then to GameWorks, an arcade type place. Laser tagging was fun, this place was better than the other place I’ve gone. I actually did pretty well, placing as high as 3rd in one round. Of course, another round, I placed 14 of 17.  One round, Jessie B. and I were exchanging fire the whole time. That round, you had only 16 lives, and she must have killed me 13 or so times. She told me afterwards that I got her about every time she stuck her gun around the corner, though.

I had a good time, as did most who went (and stayed the whole trip). We had three who decided they were 18, and old enough to do what they wanted, and got off in Seattle. We left them, so they’re on their own for transportation. The Senior Parents had been fundraising all year, so they gave out cash gift-cards and other cool prizes, too.

As soon as we got back, I got a ride down to church, where Tom N. was celebrating his first mass. He was ordained in Seattle on Saturday, and came down here to celebrate the mass. It was a big crowd, and I got there late, so I seating was non-existent. After mass, there was a brunch in the hall, and I had even more food.

Then I went home, and spread my junk out all over the front room, took a nap, watched the news, ate dinner (and actually was hungry) and just basically sat around. Funny, as I write this, I know I should go to bed, but am not yet tired. Well, I should get some sleep anyway.

Good Night……

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