Calling all 5F (Frenter) students

A quick summary: I fifth grade, we sent time capsules to ourselves to be opened after we graduated. I have the ones from people who moved away.

Mrs. Frenter gave me several time capsules last week, as somehow they had been delivered to her. It turns out (Sarah), that after they were handed out at walkthrough on Thurs, the people’s who moved away were sent to her, and she gave them to me. I am trying to track them down, but the school records didn’t have anything for people who moved a long time ago. If anyone is in contact with the people on the following list, please contact me yourself, or have them contact me. The best way to reach me is e-mail:  (That address gets a lot of spam, so if I don’t respond, just leave a comment here.)

[Updated 8/25/2005]

I have/had capsules for:
  • CheckTim Jackson — Has been passed on to his mother.
  • Sterling Morat — returned.
  • Joelle Rike — Got an email from her 8/16/05. Mailed to her.
  • Stephaie Nichols — Returned.
  • Valerie Martin — Returned, via her mother.
  • Josh Beebe — Has been passed on to his step-mother.
  • Ciara Hopkins — No leads here
  • Roberto Gallardo — No leads here. I’m told that they may be in Mexico, or California, but that’ s all I know.
  • Tiffany Blouin — Returned to her grandmother, will be passed along to her.
  • Amy Baxter —Returned, via Valerie’s mother.
  • Jessica Risley — No leads here
  • Jack Cushman — Saw his mother in the grocery store on my last day there. Got her address, and has been passed on to him.

If you know any more than I do, please contact me, via e-mail (, comment on this blog, or via my cell– 503 334 7998. I may be optimistic, but I would like to return all of them.

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