One thing I like to do is to write programs on my calculator. I have written lots of programs, some useful, and some not so useful.

Below is a table of the programs I have written. All are offered free, and as is. If you loose your data/calculator because of them, it's not my fault. (Personally, the only problem I have had is loosing my calculator beacuse everyone in class wants to use the programs, but just in case...)

The programs are written on and for a Texas Instruments 83+, but the TI Connect software should convert it to any model TI-83+ or higher, and some lower models.
TITLE Description
Pascal This program will output the coefficients for any row of Pascal's Triangle. It also gives the option of multiplying the row by a constant.
Quadratic This program uses the quadratic formula to evaluate for x. You may also evaluate for the discriminant, and learn how many factors the expression has (or if it even factors). It is capable of non-real numbers if calculator mode is set correctly.
Roman This program takes arabic numerals and converts them to Roman numerals. Good as a reference program. The two programs take up a combined 719 bytes.
Rectpol This program takes a (R, theta) coordinate pair (Polar) and converts it to an (x,y) coordinate pair (Rectangular). Also works in reverse. Functions in both Radian and Degree mode.