Photo Galleries

Here are some of the many pictures I've taken. I hope to add some more ones from college, as time permits.

From events in College

Freshman Year
Several of us decided to go to the Beach before Finals Week
On my birthday, several people decided to throw me my first ever Surprise Birthday Party
The First Year, in Pictures.
Sophomore Year
General pictures from throughout the year.
Pictures from the Stible Buddy Christmas party. (Now with captions.)

From High School events

Youth and Government Governor's Ball
Youth and Government-Other Pictures
Some of the pictures from Prom.
The SHS Graduation Party, my version.

From other events

Photos from Grammie's birthday gathering.

Stuff I've made

Pictures of one of my art projects.
Some of the projects I've done around home.


A few nature pictures.
I went on a bike ride along Bear Creek Road.
Shots from around campus.