Welcome to my website.
You have found a collection of stuff that I found interesting. The only thing happening with much regularity is adding pictures, but occasional other content is posted. New stuff gets the NEW! tag over in the navbar for a week, except for the Blog, which is feeling a bit neglected right now. Anyway, look around, and enjoy your visit!

Last Update: 1/1/2008 Fixed an age old bug that prevented any of my original pictures from being viewed. Other than that, site's been pretty dead. Still haven't tracked down that IE rendering bug in the galleries.

10/13/2007 Returned from the dead to post some pictures from the BikeCentennial group reunion last August. Still haven't fixed the bug in rendering the gallery in IE.

12/28/2006 Fixed a small bug in the navbar, where a plus sign appeared even if a page had no publicly viewable sub-pages, as well as updating a few more galleries. Everything in the college section should be functional now, except that it's smashed way too far down the page in IE. I'll troubleshoot that later.

12/24,12/25,12/26 Uploaded the Pictionary scans, captions will be coming soon. I've also been working on converting all the old galleries to the new Sophomore gallery style. Bear with me as the older galleries probably don't work right now.

11/12/2006 Added some pictures from the Man Auction.

A complete list of updates can be found on the Previous Updates page.

I originally put this page up mostly just to see if I could, and because you see it, I could.
More to come as time goes along.

I'd love to hear from you. My e-mail is nathan@nathanoliver.net.