I can’t believe it!

There’s only 3 weeks and 2 days until I move back into the dorm! I work the next two weeks, and then will take the last week off for packing, relaxation, and whatever stuff I planned to do over the summer that I haven’t gotten to yet.

I got my housing letter today, telling me which room and roommate I have–not that it was a surprise, as we picked that out before we left. But now all the freshmen have their roommates and are talking to each other, I suppose.

There seems to be a lot of people looking up what to do once you start college. I’ve gotten several Google hits on “dorm life” or “build your own loft” or “dorm room pictures” and things like that. I’ve thought about posting some sort of plans for my loft, and a guide for incoming freshmen, but haven’t given it a lot of time. And there are so many guides that I doubt mine would be very useful, anyway.

I finished the plant stand that I was building yesterday. I’ll take some pictures and post it in the next few days. All in all, it came out pretty much like I’d planned, except for one measuring goof which I was able to improvise on. The finished result is very sturdy, more than the one it replaces. (Which was the whole point, anyway.)

I washed the whites today–I didn’t have any clean work shirts, and I work at 3 today, so it needed done. We got a new front loading washer a month or so ago, and it spins the clothes much drier than the old (top loading) washer. In fact, I checked the clothes less than an hour after I hung them out on the line, and nearly half of them were dry. I suppose I ought to go check them again soon.

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4 thoughts on “I can’t believe it!

  1. wow, I can’t believe the summer is almost over already! Where does the time go? Are you looking forward to going back?

  2. Yeah, I must say that after three (going on four) months at home, I’m ready to go back. But I want to go back, for reasons other than to go away from home, too. I’m looking forward to moving in.

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