Possible hiatus

Something that I went to caused me to start thinking; and I’ve become a bit burned out on the website business. (Or more busy-ness) Between the two, I think I will cease work on the site for a while. Things may still happen, but only because I want them to happen, not because I feel like I should. I may be a bit less active online, that is uncertain. I’m hoping that I’ll be a bit more satisfied with things when I return.

3 thoughts on “Possible hiatus

  1. Trust me, it helps to take a hiatus every now and then. Or all the time. Turn off the messenger, yank the power cord from the wall, and forget you have a computer for a week, and you’ll feel better.

    Forget you have a computer for a month, and rats will live in the monitor. Come back after a week.

  2. They’d have to be really thin, what with a laptop screen.. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m probably going to resume some posting here and elsewhere this week. Just not at the levels that I was doing earlier. Seeing as I’m at school, with lots of people to make friends with, I really shouldn’t spend all my free time on the computer.

    And I really need to learn to proofread my posts before I post them–I actually wrote “Something that I went to to start thinking.” I’ve edited the post now so it says what I meant it to.

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