Still here, and saying a lot

I had a longish post going on last week, and then it was eaten by the computer. Okay, to be truthful, WinMX did it, but it was still my computer…with my help, maybe? I was downloading a song that had been playing at work, and the computer had 2+ hours to go, so I set it to shut down when the transfer was complete. I was typing a post, in response to Brionna’s most recent post, and it got quite late. I noticed that my (dial-up) internet connection had bombed out again (it’s a frequent occurrence), but wasn’t really concerned. I continued typing, figuring that I would re-connect to post. All of a sudden, everything on the screen started falshing and dissapearing, and my post was one of the first things to go. Then the computer turned off. Turns out, when the internet died, WinMX waited about five minutes, and then decided the transfer must have been completed, and so it shut down the computer. AAUGH! I don’t even remember what all I was saying, but I then notced that it was almost 3am, and went to bed.

That was last Sunday, when my Mom, dad, and sister went to the beach for a night. I had to work at noon on Monday, so I stayed at home. Not that I minded. So what did I do? I watched lots of TV, and then got on the internet, and worked on my website, and posted to my blog once, and was trying again, when the above drama took place. I was supposed to have made some progress in cleaning my room, and was commenting on the lack of progeress (due in part to Tom Clancy). The post had actually started out as a comment on Brionna’s blog, but had become too unrelated to post about me over there. It was an interesting, rambling, subject-less post, in which she had some serious thoughts about death, and how in death we no longer are who are neighbors are. Deep stuff, especially on the spur of the moment.

I had something else that I was saying that night, but I no longer remember. i do emember thinking about two weeks ago: “This would be perfect for my blog”, but of course, I didn’t write that down either. Perhaps I was lamenting the loss of material, in which case, there was only one loss, instead of two.

Blinkers. such a normal, even trivial thing, until it doesn’t work. On my way home from work last week, I was coming up the hill into Carson, and got to the end of the passing lane. I signaled that i was merging left, like i sometines do, and all of a sudden noticed that the blinker didn’t blink. I could turn it on and turn it back off, but it didn’t blink while it was on, and it didn;t make that clicking sound. For a while, I thought the clicker was broken, but then I got out of the car, and looked at the outside, where the light came on and turned off. Funny thing was the right blinker still worked fine. I drove to get my haircut the next day (tuesday), and you can’t imagine how weird it is to turn on the blinker and hear only silence. I took a route that had only one left turn the whole way (1 mile), and none on the way back. Then about 12:30 i got a call asking me to come into work at 2:00. WE had to do some quick thinking, as the van was in hood river, being serviced, and that left us one vehicle shorter than normal. All four of us drove into Stevenson, (5 miles) and dropped me off at work. They also went to the auto parts store and got a light bulb for the blinker. (We had taken it apart that

morning, and determined that the problem was a burnt out bulb in the taillight.) hten they went to Hood river, and got the van back, adn then brought the car back to A&J for me to drive home. Turn’s out Chris Howe had gotten sick that morning, and called in sick.

Between covering for Chris, and covering for Sandy earlier, I ended up with a pretty full week, and the paycheck this wednesday should have 65+ hours on it. Not bad, for two weeks work.

The van is another story. WE bought it new in 02, and it had a 3 year warranty. SO far, we’ve had a defective A/C (the thing didn’t turn off, and actually froze itself) which was later recalled, a window that doesn’t always roll up (the switch just seems to cut out sometimes, and when we took it in, they decided to ‘lubricate the window slides’. The window had the same problem the day after we gto it back. The strip on top, covering the track where the roof rack we didn’t but would attach had peeled loose by the time the salesman delivered the van to our house (they fixed that one right away, as he saw it and knew he’d been the only one to touch it). The passenger side sliding door is a mechanical one, and lately when you slide it, it is very hard to push (this, of course, is “normal” for a mechanical door, but why did it develop a year after we bought the van?) We have long noticed that the ceiling vents in the back do not put out very much air, and have mentioned it the the service staff at the dealership three times. This time, they told us it is because of a drity filter, which the owner is expected to change yearly (but last time, the low airflow was “normal”). And now the airbag light comes on. It was coming on every time you started the van, when we made an appointment. Of course, a few days before, it stopped coming on. They checked the computer, and can tell that it has come on, but apparently the computer doesn’t remember why it turned on the light, and they cannot service a vehicle if the light is not on. Not two days after we got the van back, the light came on for a few seconds, and currently stays on full time. We have an appointment for next tuesday…..

I just got informed by the internet police (Mom) that it’s time to go to bed, and access is prohibited tomorrow, we’ll see how many more paragraphs I can get out tonight.

There was the Glavinski Picnic today, wher my grandma’s family gets together. We all go to my umm…great uncle?’s house,
and his wife, who is my cousin once removed, i think. Or maybe it’s a second cousin. I don’t remember. What happened is that my great grandfather’s brother married my great grandmother’s sister, but years apart. So Dave is the son of the brother and sister, and Dianne is the grandaughter of my great-grandparents. I don’t really remember what my relationship to them is. Anyway, most of the family, except my grandma and her siblings, who are almost all either dead or in nursing homes, comes to

their house in West Lynn (near Lake Oswego), and has lunch. We usually play a few games of croquet, and the few of my cousins who arent off in college yet are there. (3 non-college, plus one who was there anyway.) I had arranged my work schedule so as to have the day off.

So there you have it. The very long catch-up post with no point whatsoever, and rivaling Brionna for a length record.

And in case you are wondering, this paragraph and the previous sentence were typed this morning, the rest were typed last night and saved, as I continued typing until forced off the computer, leaving no time to post.

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  1. I swear I don’t attempt to go for long posts! Most of the time, anyway. But I just started typing posts on Word whenever they came to me so I could just cut and paste whenever I found a computer. Now I have about ten pages of material to torment you with. I won’t post it all at once, but it will be hard to keep the volume down. I just have a lot to say when I get going…

    You and I both have issues with cars I guess. My family’s cars always have some disfunction or another…

    One time I volunteered to work in the concession stand at a football game and the soda machine froze itself. The hoses, anyway. It was actually kind of cool. No pun intended.

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